Strawberry Hill

Strawberry Hill Contemporary Kitchen

Strawberry Hill Contemporary Kitchen

Introducing our breathtaking Strawberry Hill kitchen! This open-plan marvel is designed to captivate, with light tones that create a bright, airy ambience. Sunlight pours through the side skylights, making the space feel wonderfully usable and inviting.

The kitchen boasts a harmonious blend of painted flat doors and elegant oak accents. The innovative Bora hob allows for ample overhead storage even in low-ceilinged areas, optimizing every inch. Enjoy the convenience of our instant hot water tap, designed to serve the family for years to come.

A Callaghan bespoke larder, featuring a sleek pocket door system, can be left open without disrupting the space, offering seamless access.

 The expansive bar area is a showstopper, with glass shelves, uplighting, and an antique mirrored back—perfect for entertaining in style.

On the opposite side, a full wall of storage and thoughtfully designed nooks to showcase beautiful artwork, adding a personal touch.

The countertops are truly out of this world, drawing you into a cosmic setting the more you admire them.

But that's not all! We've also enhanced the bedrooms, living room, and other storage areas in this home, ensuring every corner exudes elegance and functionality.

Experience the ultimate in contemporary living with our expertly crafted Strawberry Hill kitchen.