Our Heritage

Established in 1992

Established in 1992 the business is now heading into its second generation.

Callaghan Interiors launched in a small shop in Richmond, with a couple of initial Shaker style Kitchen displays, with five orders secured - our story began.  

It soon became apparent that our initial premises were too small and so we moved the operation onto Richmond Road between Twickenham & St.Margarets. This provided more space to show furniture displays and we built a a small woodworking shop at the rear allowed in-house production and alterations.  

As Callaghan’s reputation for Kitchen Design and Manufacturing grew it was time to relocate to a larger showroom and so came the move to Teddington High Street. Alongside this, a larger production house  within the back roads of Twickenham was born taking on more carpenters, joiners & a paint-spraying team.  

Our reputation was built within the local area over the following years and led to the migration in 2009 to Hampton Hill High Street, the largest shop yet! We then introduced different elements to our bespoke ranges a new and contemporary German collection which can be handle-less, glossy or matt and gives a totally new look to our showroom. A modern and more refined style was proving very popular in projects around this time.  

We headed back to our roots in 2023 & reopened our Twickenham showroom with new updated displays with a more Handmade and traditional look to provide examples of the beautiful furniture we have become known for.  

Our Mission

We believe passion meets craftsmanship in creating the heart of your home. As a family-run business deeply rooted in our local community, our mission is to redefine kitchen spaces with a commitment to family values, quality craftsmanship, and locally sourced materials.

Every family is unique, and so is every kitchen we design. Our mission is to listen, understand, and tailor our creations to suit your lifestyle and preferences. We aim to turn your kitchen dreams into a reality that reflects your family's personality and needs. 
Experience the difference that a family-run business with a local touch can make. Visit our showroom to explore our craftsmanship and witness the possibilities for your kitchen.  

Our Portfolio


We not only elevate our living spaces but also contribute to a wider environmental initiative. By collaborating with TreeNation, we actively participate in creating a positive impact on the world, with the goal of fostering a better and more sustainable future.  In line with our dedication, we've committed to continually support global tree-planting initiatives. This endeavor represents a meaningful stride in tackling the issues of deforestation and climate change. Recognising that our operations require substantial amounts of timber, we've proactively implemented measures to contribute positively to the environment.  Sustainability is a core value for us, and if you share the same commitment and desire assurance that your home renovation makes a positive environmental impact, please reach out. We would be delighted to collaborate with you!  

Our Materials

Our Materials

We are committed to sourcing sustainable wood for our kitchens and furniture. All products are FSC-certified.



All of our painted kitchens are handmade in our local Twickenham production house, there is no need for us to import any goods.



We keep our C02 emissions low by manufacturing and working locally. We keep trips to and from jobs to a minimum.